Integrating Fluency Practice, Mathematics, Volume 1
Integrating Fluency Practice, Mathematics, Volume 1

According to the National Research Council (2001), mathematical fluency allows students to carry out procedures with flexibility, accuracy, efficiency, and appropriateness. It is a key component of mathematical proficiency, especially when combined with conceptual understanding, strategic competence, reasoning, and a productive disposition or the inclination to see oneself as able to learn mathematics.

This supplemental resource features collections of fluency activities supporting instruction aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Activities are designed to engage students while increasing mathematical proficiency, including computational and procedural fluency. Each fluency practice activity takes approximately 10 minutes to facilitate as a regular part of daily mathematics core instruction, intervention, or tutoring sessions.

Each activity includes tasks or prompts for the teacher to use when implementing the activity with students. Display pages are provided for most tasks. The teacher may choose to display the tasks using a digital projection device for whole class display, print copies for small group display, or print copies for individual students. The tasks or prompts provide a starting place for these activities. Teachers are encouraged to supplement the tasks or prompts based on the needs of the students and available time.

These manuals are completely digital.

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