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Show Me How Expository Text
Show Me How Expository Text

Show Me How's sequential lessons, which follow the gradual release of responsibility instructional framework, connect the interrelated roles of reading and writing. Its mentor texts teach strategies and skills that students can apply to both reading and writing expository texts. The product contains a teacher manual with learner-centered lessons, conferencing guidelines, graphic organizers for each lesson, student articles, formative assessments, and a collection of mentor texts. Digital versions of a selection of the mentor texts are provided on the included CD.

New TEKS Alignment for Show Me How Expository and Argumentative Text Grades 6–7 Click here.

Sample Essay pdf: The Art of Bridges
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Show Me How Grades 3–5: Supplemental Essays
Show Me How Grades 3–5: Supplemental Essays can be used in conjunction with Show Me How: Using Mentor Text to Guide Readers and Writers in Grades 3, 4, and 5 or as a stand-alone resource to teach informational text structures. The CD contains essays with the following structures:

• Descriptive
• Sequential
• Cause/Effect
• Compare/Contrast
• Question/Answer
• Persuasive
• Blended

Click here for a list of the structures, titles, and reading levels of the essays included on the CD.

Show Me How Grades 3–5, Online Course
Are you interested in this instructional resource and would like more information on how to effectively use it in your classroom? The supplemental online course is designed for teachers and demonstrates how to implement this resource in the classroom. Click here for details and to register.

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Sample PDF for Show Me How Grades 3-5
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