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Gateways to Science STAAR Edition, Kindergarten Kit
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The Goldilocks of Science. An All-Inclusive, Cover-to-Cover, 5 E Science Curriculum.

Need more time for learning and less time for planning? Need ready-to-go 5 E lessons? Need a scope-and-sequence? Gateways to Science is the answer for which you’ve been searching!

Gateways to Science is an instructional program based solely on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). One hundred percent of the 2010 TEKS are covered without having to add concepts to the curriculum. Product crosswalks show which lessons or activities to omit based on the 2018 streamlined TEKS.

Lessons are written in a 5 E format, on grade level, and at the rigor level of the TEKS. Lessons include hands-on activities and reading passages and conclude with assessments.

Gateways to Science, Kindergarten Kit includes a printed teacher edition, 14 different student literacy books, and a photo card library. Each literacy book has text and pictures to support and explain the concepts in the lessons. A kit includes three copies each of the 14 literacy books. The photo card library is full color and can be used to teach vocabulary and to facilitate class discussion.

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