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Gateways to Science STAAR Edition, Kindergarten Kit
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Gateways to Science STAAR® Edition is a comprehensive science program directly aligned to the 2010 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Providing core lessons and assessments for an entire year of instruction, Gateways to Science takes a focused approach to provide the instructional time necessary for the development and mastery of specific TEKS concepts and processes. Each 5E instructional model lesson engages students through rich hands-on learning experiences, addresses diverse learning styles through a variety of strategies and assessment methods, and emphasizes reflective learning through science notebooks. Lesson assessments provide data to monitor and track student progress.

The Gateways to Science STAAR Edition, Kindergarten kit includes the following:

  • Teacher Edition
  • 14 Student Readers (3 copies of each title)
  • Photo Card Library

The student readers support the hands-on lessons, engage students in science content, and support literacy in the content area. Each student reader contains text and pictures to explain and reinforce the learning that will take place during the lessons. Each kit includes three copies of each student reader for use by individual students, in small groups, or in centers. The student readers are designed to be used in conjunction with the lesson activities for maximum experience and success in science.

The full-color photo card library included in the kit is for use with lessons and facilitating class discussion. Instructions for use are included in specific lessons.

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